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We aspire to discover, develop and commercialize truly innovative treatments that satisfy unmet medical needs regionally and globally. We have focused our resources on therapeutic areas with a substantial potential for growth and with our partners, we will deliver path-breaking new treatments to patients in India. 

Strategic partnerships is an integral component of our Company’s growth strategy. Through partnerships and collaborations across the industry, we try to discover new and better patient centric solutions. We are focused on developing products with limited competition, significant barriers to entry and longer life cycles.  We continue to build and foster strategic business alliances with major pharmaceutical companies, specialty drug delivery companies and other product and service providers.

Achieving a successful partnership can present a number of challenges in the Pharmaceutical market that is what we always believe & rely upon. We are interested to develop collaborative culture and active involvement of key decision-makers early in the process, with more transparency, business development, licensing and legal expertise with sophisticated in-licensing and intellectual property teams to provide an efficient launch execution with supportive distribution programs, that are the core facets of our partnership philosophy. We work together to combine best efforts, thinking, and resources to improve the health of patients everywhere.

We welcome our partners to leverage our scientific capabilities, our insights into regulatory and compliance frameworks, and the security and flexibility of our supply chain. This helps us create an impact on patient needs as well as form long-term relationships.

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