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What I can get/achieve in Biomiicron

The pharmaceutical-sales field, often called “recession-proof,” is popular because it offers excellent salary potential, great benefits, flexibility and opportunity for growth. The pharmaceutical industry is among the largest, most stable and fastest growing businesses in the entire world. The job is also seen as prestigious when you are with Biomiicron.

Respect from others

Just tell somebody that you’re in pharma sales and see how they react.  Our Sales Force are professionals who connect care providers with the knowledge, drugs and treatments they need to provide cutting-edge care to their patients. They also work to educate physicians, pharmacists, health care facilities and consumers about new pharmaceutical products.

Well-Paying Prospect
With a salary, lucrative incentives and bonus, the successful sales person may take home a substantial income ranging to six figures which is far better than any other Industry. At Biomiicron, our sales force enjoys the rich menu of benefit & incentive scheme better than what any other pharmaceutical company has  to offer.

Challenging Job that Offers Freedom

Sales positions are always a challenge because no matter how much you sell, you can always sell more.  As a member of a sales team you will be expected to be a great team player, but as an individual competitor you’ll definitely want to be one of the best achievers in your team. Depending on the sales revenue, we at Biomiicron invest heavily on sales team. We ensure on-the-job training and support to the sales force with clear guidelines on how to get the job done. Notwithstanding this support, sales force can enjoy the freedom of learning what they want.

Another valued job feature in Biomiicron is the constant opportunity to learn, sales force can learn something new every day. Training sessions, meetings and opportunities to entertain clients stave off monotony. One challenge our sales force never  face is cold calling, instead our people are expected to visit Doctors  within a given geographic area and specialty.

Opportunities for Advancement

With time and experience, pharmaceutical sales representatives can advance to administrative positions in which they supervise the work of junior sales people, plan and manage campaigns and oversee product launches. Reps enhance their skills and earnings through continuing education. At Biomiicron, we are continuously growing in terms of sales revenue and keep our horizons expanding, meaning for any sales person- Lot of available positions


Any advancement in the pharmaceutical sales industry often is predicated by the kind of relationships formed within the company and among the leadership professionals. At Biomiicron, we encourage sales force to form ties with higher level managers by participating in company activities, working in the corporate office for some time and accepting project leadership roles to implement their ideas for the organizational success.


Documented success comes from staying with a company long enough to develop a foundation for successful sales experience and relationship building. At Biomiicron, advancement opportunities are offered to those with demonstrated success. Our sales force begins their work and spend one or two years working with consultants, specialists while maintaining their territories calling on general practitioners. On reviewing their sales performance, experience, attitude & managerial ability on a timely basis they are being promoted. Today 90% of the managers we have in our company are our own findings, who started their career as a Medical representative.